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Fkk strand gran canaria

A useful guide to the best nudist beaches in Gran Canaria; All the info you need to find them and enjoy them with no hassle. Nudism is legal on all Gran Canaria beaches, but it's best to stick to the areas where it's considered acceptable.

Fkk Strand Gran Canaria

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Did you know that Gran Canaria is a very popular destination for people who are looking for naturist beaches in Europe? Gran Canaria has a lot of beaches where nudism is allowed and also quite a few naturist resorts or hotels with dedicated areas and terraces for nudism? The truth is that nudism is allowed in Spain on almost any beach, except for the urban beaches or resort beaches, where usually there are large crowds. This makes Spain a really popular destination among naturists and Gran Canaria in particular has some really beautiful nudist beaches. As you can imagine, there are a lot of beaches in Gran Canaria where you can practice nudism, but there are some places that are hugely popular in this sense as the area of Maspalomas, which is the most well known nudist beach in Gran Canaria. Playa de Maspalomas is an enormous beach in the south of the island of Gran Canaria and it stretches for almost 3 km in front of the Maspalomas dunes.

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If you wear some good water shoes it will be easier for sure. You can not camp here, so you will find it clean all year round.

It is one of the most paradisiacal beaches in Gran Canaria and we could say that it is the least accessible on the island. Purchase this guides Checkout Added to basket. We recommend that you take a look at our post about this beach if you decide to visit it. It is made up of boulders, although like most, when the tide goes down you can see the dark sand.

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So that, try to avoid weekends and summer months such as August. Here we go! Campers usually come here too, but with a little more awareness. Natural Pools and Beaches of Gran Canaria.

In this post we will list 10 nudist beaches of Gran Canaria. Nudist area Maspalomas beach. Unfortunately, it is one of the dirtiest we list here, since the campers who frequent it do not ensure its conservation. The rest are boulders.

10 nudist beaches in gran canaria to get tan

Las Mujeres beach. Withoubt any doubt, Maspalomas is also one of the best beaches of Gran Canaria. Read here our privacy policy. On the other hand, if you plan to camp on any of the nudist beaches that we mentioned, remember to ask for your permission at the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. In addition, it does not have surveillance and is an area of risk of landslides.

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We recommend you take a look at the full post about this beach with tips. However, since there is no surveillance, users ignore the regulations. Pets also usually come. Faneroque beach is also characterized by its difficult access, since in order to reach the beach there must be low tide andin addition, you must walk a path of about minutes part of it on slippery rocks.

You can get more details about this beach here. We have them all at your disposal in our Guide of beaches and natural pools. Of course, the effort is definitely worth it. Be careful in the access area on foot as there may be landslides. You must bear in mind that not all the beach is nudist, only a part of it.

Discover all of them here. The beach is of boulders or callaos as we name it in the Canary Islandsalthough when the tide goes down there is some dark sand left. It is not an accessible beach, you will have to leave your car in a field and walk about 10 minutes on a path.

As you can see, almost all the nudist beaches of Gran Canaria are virgin or difficult to reach by car, so if you like nudism, you are likely to discover areas of the island that not even many residents have visited. Many campers choose this beach, especially those who come in their van.

The path is steep, so you must be very prepared. There are campers who frequent this beach despite being prohibitedbut it is not as saturated as the two mentioned above. You will also have to take into that to get to the nudist area of Maspalomas you will have to walk a couple of kilometers until you reach kiosk 4 on the beach. Telegram Newsletter.

Nudism in gran canaria - 5 best naturist beaches in gran canaria

Therefore, if you have reduced mobility or a baby stroller, access is a bit difficult. You should bear in mind that the naturist area begins a few meters after pedestrian and car accesses. The surroundings are quiet and access is probably one of the easiest of the aforementioned. It is much smaller and you only see the sand when the tide goes out.

More trash also accumulates. The bad thing is that during the summer months it is full of campersso the feeling of tranquility and disconnection is lost. Wir hoffen, Sie bald zu sehen! At the end of the Guayedra ravine we find the beach of the same name. Of course, when you get to the coast you will be in a completely quiet environment without phone al. It is a beach where the pets of their owners also come.

However, it is not very safe if you do not control the tides. Subscribe to our epic newsletter:. Veneguera beach. Quiero recibir la newsletter de Local Guide Gran Canaria.

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Among those 80 options to enjoy the coast of the island, we wanted to highlight 10 in which you can also practice nudism. However, it is an easy beach to get to and the setting is spectacular with views of the mountains and Puerto de Las Nieves in Agaete. Therefore, we consider it a paradise.

Remember to wear good shoes to get there.

It is a beach that you can only get to by walking or driving almost 10 kilometers of a dirt road with stones. Faneroque beach. Access is by a path of about 15 minutes, you can check all the details here. El Confital beach and Las Canteras at the background. The beach is virgin and black sand.

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Even so, the beach is beautiful and if you can visit it outside the summer months, as well as weekends or holidays, you will enjoy it. The environment is totally virginalthough it has some mango and fruit plantations at its access. Guayedra beach.

If you want to sunbathe naked and with views of the capital, this is your beach. Comments hello. Restaurant Guide. We do not send spam. We have counted approximately 80 natural pools and beaches in Gran Canaria.

Towards kiosk 7, you will arrive at the gay area of the beach. There is no phone al and services around. In addition, it also has a rental service for sunbeds, umbrellas and kiosks where you can buy food and drinks.

At the same time, the swimming area is not very comfortable, since it has a reef, rocks and some boulders. As you can imagine there is a wide variety of beaches and places to swim around the island. Am Strand ist es nicht erforderlich, es unter Einhaltung eines Sicherheitsabstands zu tragen. To get to this point, you must walk towards Maspalomas.