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There has been a resultant marked increase in the utilization of arteriographic procedures throughout the country despite the fact that at present relatively few physicians are thoroughly grounded in all aspects of angiography. Recent large reviews of catheter aortographic procedures ,5 showed that, while mortality was very low, there was a ificant of serious nonfatal complications at the site of catheter insertion, such as massive hematomas, uncontrolled bleeding, arterial thromboses, and subintimal dissections, some of which led to permanent disability.

Katheter Forum

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This means that you do not need a permanent in-dwelling catheter, but instead pass a single-use catheter when you need to urinate.


Alternatively and preferably, you could ask your medical team to change you to an ISC intermittent self-catheterisation regime. Anyway, snowHe is much more fun if you do.

And I telemark, and I'm sure the lunging will not help matters. But if anyone has some tips, then all will be gratefully received. But tap and long tube down to foot is a possibility!! Poster: A snowHead.

It's rather good and not made up by tourist offices or people that love the tourist office and want to marry it either Anyway, snowHe really is MUCH better when you're logged in - not least because you get to post your own messages complaining about things that annoy you like perhaps this banner which, incidentally, disappears when you log in Username:- Password:. Snow Reports. Rather than using a urine bag, attach a tap to the end of the catheter and drain when required. I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself fitted with catheter and bag last Friday and I am likely to keep it for sometime.

Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person.

Solo Skiers v Groups - Orga Archives Lost and Found Ski Club of Great Britain To one side secret Mountain Hideout snowShops You cannot post to forums until you You cannot read some forums until you Read about snow conditions : snow conditions And leave your own snow report : snow report Find advice to help plan your ski holidays : ski holidays The snowHe Ski Club : Ski Club 2. Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see? When you register, you get our free weekly -ish snow report by. You'll need to Register first of course. You need to to know who's really who.

Prev topic :: Next topic. Know about the tap but at the moment docs and I want to avoid any back pressure on the kidneys caused by filling up bladder.

New Topic Post Reply. My mate skied fine with a colostomy bag and had no problems for the week.

You then do not need the extra bulk and weight of the bag attached to your leg. So, far I've worked out that I need tight fitting Y fronts to stop any movement and a bag mounted on the thigh.

Or: Register to be a proper snow-head, all official-like! ISC - perhaps when everything is fully stabilised back to normal, but I have to keep well hydrated for a blood condition and an ISC every 90 mins or so wouldn't be fun. With my first 2 weeks of a 17 week season coming up in under 4 weeks, I need to find out how best to ski with this. Terms and conditions Privacy Policy.

I am hospital based and will try and talk to our guys for some advice. Registration's totally free, of course, and makes snowHe easier to use and to understand, gives better searching, filtering etc.

All times are GMT. Snow Snow Snow! Hope it goes well. I've yet to contact an outfit called Charter who supply all the various bits of kit, but their website shows some sporty bits.